A Review of Tim Sykes Best Penny Stocks to Buy in February 2014

In order to avoid pissing Tim off, I’m not going to post current watch lists. This will just be a review of last month’s watch list, what trades Tim made on it, and an overview of his month.

For those of us signed up for Tim’s alerts, we get an almost daily Watchlist from Tim on stocks he’s watching and trading. Traders should not depend on this Watchlist alone. You should be doing your own research and building your own watch list. Tim stresses this tremendously in his Pennystocking Part Deux video.

However, if you’re just starting out, or want to replicate Tim’s trades, this Watchlist can be highly beneficial. This let’s you know which players to follow, and who could be making a big move soon.

The February Watchlist

Altogether Tim highlighted 55 stocks in the month of February. Out of those 55 stock picks, he traded 18. He made 1 trade that was not on his watch list (RST). In total, Tim made 43 trades on the month, and $200k in profits.

This isn’t a normal month for Tim. He had two trades that he banked on big. In my 6 months of following him, I’ve only seen him do this a few times.

The Marijuana Stocks

The buzz of all of February was Marijuana stocks. With the legalization of marijuana in several states, pot stocks are on the rise. Among those on Tim’s Watchlist for February were:


Though Tim alerted to them in February, the only ones he played were ZDPY, which he recorded a $4,005 profit on, and HEMP, which he recorded a $5,758 profit on.

Earnings Winners

You’ll learn quickly from following Tim, that he loves to play earnings winners. The swings are more predictable, and profits are easier to take. Some of the stocks Tim alerted to this month were:


Tim made $3,552 off of GLUU,  $882 off of CKSW, and $1766 off of LIOX.

The point of these monthly reviews will simply be a summary of Tim’s trades for the previous month. As you can see, signing up for his newsletter would have been very beneficial. All but one trade he made he highlighted in his Watchlist, and even the one he didn’t highlight, he didn’t make a ton of money off of. For anybody looking for a trusted advisor to follow, Tim does a good job of giving you the inside scoop before he makes a trade.