Hey everybody, I started following Tim Sykes blog and alerts almost two years ago.

I was highly skeptical right away. I wondered who this loud-mouthed, brassy, lippy guy was. I mean, who brags about his vacations to the Maldives and boasts about his Rolex and Lamborghini? I wanted to know if this guy walked the walk.

I signed up for Tim’s alerts and entered the Tim Challenge. While I am still on my own journey, I can say that I’ve seen how successful Tim’s alerts and teachings have made his students in the stock market. Whether through his chatrooms, teachings, 30+ text messages a day, blog, Facebook posts, or videos he has shown time and time again that he knows his stuff. He operates a website dedicated to transparency for traders called Profit.ly.

I started this website for a few reasons. First, is for the skeptics. I’m here to give an honest review from somebody who knew very little about how the market operated before I started trading with Tim. Sure, I’ll share the successes of Tim. But I’ll also tell you the frustrations, disappointments, and difficulties of following his teachings. I’ll be up front with you and tell you which of his videos are worth watching and which aren’t.

Secondly, I started this website to stir up interest. I love talking about the market, and love learning from others. I want to draw interest both from experienced traders and newbies alike. For experienced traders to share comments on ideas they think can help improve our trading experience, and for newbies to find a great mentor to start trading themselves.

Lastly, I started this site because I value clarity. Maybe you recently watched Tim on TV, maybe you saw an ad for his alerts, or maybe you were just seeking out how to be a better trader. Who’s going to help you wade through all of the static and marketing? How do you know if this is legit? Or if this is a scam? Somebody needs to bring clarity to all of the noise.


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    Great information.