Do You Really Need to Trade With Tim Sykes?


[ad name=”Responsive Top of Post”] Three years ago I was a complete stock market newbie. Never invested a single dollar. As suspected, I chased a lot of wild ideas. Every corner of the internet has a “secret” trading strategy that promises millions. Looking back, it feels more like I spent millions searching for the right […]

Should You Trade With a Prop Firm?

Should You

Trading full time is hard work. It requires a lot of money up front, and the resources to be successful. Anybody starting off with less than a few thousand dollars is doomed to fail from the start. Just keeping up with commission fees alone can be costly. Many people consider this as a viable option simply […]

The May Update

Great news guys! We just added some really great content that we will feature on our website! Introducing to you: #Scammer The newest page on our site. It all started with one little tweet that I saw claiming that Tim Sykes was a #scammer. This page goes into depth to look at that claim, and exams […]

Tim Sykes Weekly Review 3/23 – 3/28


Gonna try to be really quick with this update. I have plans to go to Starbucks and start reviewing Tim’s videos so I can start providing better content for the site. This makes two weeks in a row now that Tim’s alerts and trades have been awful. Since making almost $170k in a few short […]