Do You Really Need to Trade With Tim Sykes?

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Three years ago I was a complete stock market newbie. Never invested a single dollar.

As suspected, I chased a lot of wild ideas. Every corner of the internet has a “secret” trading strategy that promises millions. Looking back, it feels more like I spent millions searching for the right strategy.

It was even in the dark corners of the internet that I stumbled onto Tim Sykes.

All I did was Google search how to trade penny stocks. I don’t remember what article I was reading, but on that page was a link to Tim’s website. I clicked over and watched the promo video. I spent months pondering whether or not to sign up for Pennystocking Silver.

Now, the point of this article isn’t to dissect Tim’s trading strategy. If you want my in-depth review, check out my post Is Timothy Sykes Legit?

With this post, I want to ask the question: Is there another way? Do you have to trade alongside Tim? Or is there another resource to learn how to be successful in the stock market? Are there other strategies you can employ that are either less risky, or more profitable?

In other words, what other choices do you have besides trading with Tim Sykes?

There are so many strategies when it comes to the market. Statistics show that the majority of traders lose money. I don’t want to be that guy.

After finishing Tim’s trading challenge, I went on to try a couple of other methods. I traded with a prop firm, learned about income investing, and have sat down with numerous friends to teach them what I’ve learned in the stock market.

[Please be sure to read my disclaimer at the bottom of the page. I’m not an expert and can’t offer expert advice. All I can offer is what I’ve picked up after a few years of trading].

Where this is going…

I’m going to begin a series here that will discuss alternative trading strategies to what Tim Sykes teaches. I know this falls right in the middle of my series on creating a day trading blog, but I wanted to mix it up a bit.

There are three alternative strategies we’re going to be discussing over the next couple of posts: Dividend Investing, Forex Trading, and Options Trading.

With each section, we’ll be looking at the Pro’s and Con’s of each strategy versus trading with Tim Sykes.


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