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One of the great things about is that you are not limited in your options of which stock market guru to follow. Tim, in fact, recognizes that there are several other men who are more than capable of teaching you advanced strategies on how to make big money day trading online. Some of these guru’s have also outperformed Tim when it comes to returns and overall performance. Some are more technically sound. Others are better researched. While others just don’t have the distractions that come along with running a business (i.e. such as Tim.

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The Guru’s

Guru #1: Paul Scolardi, aka Superman

Paul is’s newest guru, having come off a pretty successful 2013 performance, in which he saw gains of about $797,000. Paul goes by the nickname Superman, because he is an avid fan.

Superman’s trading style is pretty simple. The looks for “momentum before it happens”. He looks for low-float stocks in hot sectors and looks to get in before everybody else.

He has a finance background, and worked for many years as a CPA before he began trading in the stock market full-time. He is also a writer and contributor to both Seeking Alpha and TheStreet.

Paul is my personal favorite to follow on He is extremely humble in his approach to teaching, and though he’ll shoot straight with you, seeks to build you up in the end. He is very active on Twitter, and will respond to you if you send him a direct message.

Paul is also one of the most successful traders on In terms of the overall leader-board, he rose into the top ten within two years, and will easily overtake Tim someday when it comes to trading.

Superman has two plans available, Superman Pro and Superman Alerts. As in all of my recommendations, I only recommend the plans that include training videos. The goal here is not to be spoon fed “hot stock picks” and to try to follow those trades. The goal is to learn the actual strategy behind the guru and to profit from it. You can only do so if you’re subscribed to Superman Pro.

Here’s what one of his followers had to say…

Guru #2: Nathan Michaud, aka Investors Live

Nathan Michaud is the best fundamental and technical guru on Traders following him can expect solid trading advice.

He started trading part time in 2003 as a way to help pay for college, and full time in 2007, having become consistently profitable within 6 months.

The thing that really starts to set Nathan apart from all of the other guru’s is his use of the chatroom. He is very active in teaching and alerting via the chatroom. Many of his subscribers have tweeted successes just from alerts in the chat. As one person put it…

Nathan is very similar to Tim in trading penny stocks, and pump and dump promotions, with a few exceptions. He is more active in his scans of the market in the morning, and his “rules” for trading are a bit more precise and developed. Nathan is the truest “teacher” on in the sense of the real meaning behind the word.

Nathan offers three different services, Investor’s Underground Elite, Investor’s Underground, and Investor’s Live Scans. While I usually recommend going with the plan that includes the training videos, which in this case would be Underground Elite, Nathan is the exception.

Keep in mind, I recommend the plans with the training videos, because you need to learn the strategy, not be a blind sheep just following alerts. With Nathan, I recommend just getting the Investor’s Live DVD, and then going with the Investor’s Underground service.

The Investor’s Live DVD sifts through all of various training videos and gives you just the good stuff. It compiles all of Nathan’s teachings and strategy into one DVD set. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to learning the strategy.

With this, I would then recommend using the Underground platform to get access to the chatroom, bi-weekly webinars, and daily watch lists.

As an example, here is one follower who did just this and made bank…


Guru #3: Tom McCarthy, aka Pre-Promotion Stocks

Tom is the purest penny stock trader of all of the guru’s. Tom is a former penny-stock promoter who now trades penny stocks to cash in from his experience. Since he understands how stock promotions work, he can now spot promotions before they happen and profit from them.

Tom really excels in the research side of things before a stock gets promoted. He can easily spot the signs that a stock is about to be promoted, and get in early. It is the classic case of buy low, sell high. Tom is ideal for those that are not comfortable with shorting, and primarily want to focus on long strategies.

Tom ranks 18th overall on the leader board. He wins about 58% of his trades, and profits an average of $1383 per trade.

For comparisons sake, if you win 58% of your games in baseball, you will make the playoffs. That’s very respectable.

Tom is a bit old school. He’s not very active on Twitter, and doesn’t operate a blog/website. If you click the link on his page for his “website,” it just takes you to his sign up page.

If you consider yourself a bit old school, Tom may be the best bet for you. He’s made consistent returns over the last three years, and keeps his service clean and simple.

Tom offers three service plans, Pre-Promotion Elite, Pre-Promotion Premium, and Pre-Promotion Alerts. With these plans, you only need the Premium plan to get access to the training videos from previous lessons. With Elite, you get access to ongoing training every week.

Guru #4: Mark Croock, aka The Honest Croock

Mark is the perfect example of consistency and income based trading. Although Mark doesn’t boast the great returns that guys like Superman and Investor’s Live have, he is consistently profitable in his trading strategy.

Mark first showed up on back in 2010, and took about two years before he really started to see decent returns in his trading. Over the last two years, he has been able to make roughly $100k each year.

For most traders, this is all they’re looking for. Not everybody is looking to make millions in the market. Many are just looking to make enough to earn a living for their family. If that is you, The Honest Croock may be the best guru to follow.

Mark is primarily a small cap swing trader. This is a bit contrary to the other styles seen on Small cap opens the doors to more stocks than just penny stocks. He is looking for stocks that are already in a “swing,” and gets in and out to capture small profits for income. He rarely holds onto a stock for an extended period of time, as that increases risk over time, so that he can preserve capital.

The Honest Croock offers two services, Mark Premium and Mark Alerts. Both services include access to his chatroom, watch lists, and SMS alerts. With the Premium service, you will get access to his training videos that come out 2-3 times a week.

The More, the Better

Many people that sign up for approach it with a very narrow mindset. They think they just have to pick “the one” that will work best for them. I’m going to let you in on a secret about the top performers on

They follow more than one guru. 

That may come as a shock to you. Yes, it will take more money out of your pocket, however, think about it in these terms. If you just follow one guru, you are left to that one person’s expertise and advice. What happens when they go on vacation? Or get too focused on one stock? Or just don’t have it right now? Let’s face it, not everybody is perfect, and not every service is perfect.

But what if you have two, or three, or even four guru’s that you’re following? Well, when one person just isn’t having the best performance record, you can always look to another guru to see what they’re trading at the moment. When one is in a slump, the other might not be.

The fact is, most of the top performing traders on are using multiple services.

As an example, Tim Grittani, aka kroyrunner, is 9th all time on the leader boards. He is by far Tim Sykes most successful challenge student. Kroyrunner doesn’t just follow Tim Sykes. He is also subscribed to Investor’s Live. If you follow his Twitter feed, you can clearly see how he has profited from both guru’s.

My own personal opinion is that if you are open to following more than one guru, I highly recommend Superman and Investor’s Live. Both are excellent trainers, and excellent sources for stock alerts. Both have been very successful, and many of their follower’s have shared in their success.

With that being said, good luck, and happy trading!

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