The Only Timothy Sykes Review You’ll Ever Need to Read

In this article I am going to share with you every possible detail I can about Tim Sykes products and services. My hope is that it will be the only Tim Sykes review you’ll ever need to read.

I have been both a Pennystocking Silver subscriber and a challenge student. I have used Tim’s broker recommendations, watched his DVD’s, participated in the chatroom, and shared my trades on Profitly.

I’ve followed Tim for almost two years and have gotten to know him a little bit over that time. I’m going to give you the insider scoop on what it is like to trade with Tim, and let you decide for yourself your own review.

Pennystocking Silver

The Pennystocking Silver subscription came as a part of being a Tim Challenge student. It includes almost everything.

  • Access to all of his videos
  • Realtime trade alerts
  • Chatroom access
  • Daily Watchlist

The real value of Pennystocking Silver I found is in the 2600+ video library. Over the past 5 years Tim has recorded hundreds of trades, footage of amazing world trips, and videos talking about his success.

You get to see how Tim performs his trades. You hear his thoughts as he’s going through them. You learn what indicators he’s looking for, and how he plans his entries and exits. The best way for you to learn how to be a successful trader is to see somebody else do it. Plain and simple.

The trade alerts come in a couple of different forms. He’ll alert the chatroom (usually first), send an SMS, and send an email. The folks hanging out in the chatroom will get the alert before anybody else. If you want to time your trades to match Tim’s, you need to have the chatroom open during trading hours.

I received somewhere between 20-50 texts a day. Not all of them were trade alerts. Some were simply comments waiting for trade setups, others were celebrations of successful trades.

Trading in the chatroom was a huge help. A number of other traders share their trades. Oftentimes they would alert each other to favorable trade setups, and you could get in on the action alongside them. What I found most helpful is that I could ask questions. Michael Goode moderates the chatroom, and he’s a pretty successful trader. You could always ask him for his advice, and he would give it.

The chatroom is sort of like the poker room in the back of the club. It’s the best kept secret.

Pennystocking Silver did not disappoint in what it says its going to do. Going back to what I was saying at the beginning. The videos are helpful. It helps to see how Tim trades in the market, and to hear him walk you through those trade setups. The chatroom access is a great place to ask questions and glean advice from others. And the realtime trade alerts, plentiful as they may be, do allow you to see in realtime Tim’s trades and get in on the action.

The Pro’s: You can learn a lot about trading from Tim. You get what he advertises. You can do some more reading for a more thorough breakdown of what I learned from Tim here.

The Con’s: Watching Tim rake in tons of money leaves the viewer… envious. Sometimes I’d get SMS alerts while I was still sleeping. And I don’t like getting woken up. 🙂

Verdict: Try it for yourself. If you don’t like it, cancel the subscription. Investing $100 into your trading knowledge is not a bad idea. Here’s how you can get a free two week trial.

Step 1: Delete your browser’s cookies.
Step 2: Click through on my affiliate link for a free two week subscription.

The Tim Challenge

The challenge really is to trade alongside Tim and try to become a millionaire. Two people have publicly done it so far (Michael Goode and Tim Grittani), and Tim says that others have as well, though we don’t know who they are.

Here’s what you basically get in the Tim challenge: One year of Pennystocking Silver, plus a special chatroom for Challenge students only, plus weekly training sessions with Tim, Michael Goode, and now Tim Grittani, plus all of his DVD’s, plus direct email support from Tim.

I just covered Pennystocking Silver (I think it’s worth it) in the last section, and I’ll cover his DVD’s in the next section. So let’s just talk about the Challenge Chatroom and Tim’s weekly training sessions.

The Challenge Chatroom is separated from the regular Pennystocking Silver chatroom. I would like to either see the two get combined into one, or see a little more value added to the challenge chatroom. There are far more subscribers to Pennystocking Silver than to Tim’s challenge, so there’s more ‘chatting’ happening in the P.S. platform.

I would like to see the Tim Challenge chatroom grant access to the chatroom for all of the Guru’s. I’d love to see what Investor’s Underground and Super-Trades are chatting about, and I feel this would add a ton of value to the challenge.

The weekly training sessions have gotten better over time. Tim started having Tim Grittani teach some of the lessons (he’s now done over 20). If you missed the teachings, they all get recorded. So, if you’re not able to watch it live, you can always go back and catch up.

The ideas for improving the chatroom sort of tie in with how I think they could improve the weekly trainings. Bring in the guys like Nathan Michaud or Paul Scolardi. Or combine their classes in with Tim’s classes. Changing it up with some different teachers once in a while would make it incredibly valuable.

The Pro’s: A chance to interact with Tim on a weekly basis, but also work with Michael Goode and Tim Grittani.

The Con’s: It ain’t cheap. Just sayin’. 

Verdict: If you can afford it, you’ll get the chance to learn closer to Tim. It has room for improvement, and would be phenomenal if it worked some of the other Guru’s in more.

 The DVD’s

Tim has been going through the process of updating his DVD’s over the last year.

Of the DVD’s Tim did back in the day, the best are his Pennystocking Part Deux and Tim Fundamentals Part Deux. These contain the most condensed list of his rules, trading strategy, and guidance on how to find and trade profitable setups like Tim.

These videos were recorded a few years ago, so the video quality with the newer DVD’s seems to be getting better.

I have yet to completely review the newer DVD’s, however, I know that Tim has worked at getting other traders more involved in teaching in these videos. You can expect to learn from not just Tim, but Superman Paul Scolardi, Nathan Michaud, Tim Grittani, and Michael Goode. More variety = better learning for you.

The videos I would recommend you check out now are Spikeability, Tandem Trader, and Textbook Trading, as well as his best DVD, How to Make Millions, which I talk in depth about here.

Tandem Trader and Textbook Trading are taught by Nathan Michaud of Investor’s Underground.

Here’s a taste of what you get with him:

The Pro’s: A wide variety of training available, learning Tim’s rules, and Tandem Trader.

The Con’s: Some of the older videos didn’t have the best quality, something Tim has been working on updating. 

Verdict: Get Tandem Trader. Nate’s a phenomenal teacher, and you can see why from the video above. (Use coupon GRAVY for 50% off– not sure how long this will last).

Tim’s Strategy and Personality

The most important rule when it comes to trading is to find a trading strategy that fits your personality. This is one of the problems many traders make. They don’t use a trading strategy that works for them.

That’s why I wrote about dividend investing as an alternative strategy, and have other teachings coming along the way as well.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

I get emails from people saying, “I tried trading Tim’s alerts for a month. The problem is that by the time I get the alert and try to make the trades myself, its too late. The move has already happened.”

Listen, I’m not going to say you can’t trade Tim’s alerts, but you need to find your own trading strategy. I think Tim would agree, you can’t just be spoon fed the whole time. Eventually, you need to find a strategy that works for you.

This is precisely why Tim Grittani has gone on to make over $2 million in profits now. He learned a strategy from Tim, and went on to make it his own.

The goal is for you to find your own trading plan using tips and cues from Tim. His 2100+ video library, the trade alerts, and everything else…they don’t help you if you’re expecting to be spoon fed the entire time. They are meant for you to learn from an experienced trader so you can figure out how to do it yourself. 

Now, with that being said. Tim’s personality is brash. You will either love him or hate him. He’s proud of his accomplishments and he will show them off. He has his own teaching style and way that he does things.

If his personality doesn’t suit you, you have options. You can choose to work with one of the other Guru’s.

The Pro’s: Some people love Tim’s trading style, but for those who don’t, you have options on who you can learn from.

The Con’s: Tim’s not going to hold your hand. You have to step up and learn it for yourself. That means doing your own homework, watching the training videos, and taking chances.

Verdict: Find a trading strategy that works with your personality, and a Guru that you feel comfortable with.

Getting Going

At the end of the day you need to decide for yourself what your own review of Tim is going to be. Just because he sells a service doesn’t mean he’s a scam, and just because he’s made money trading the stock market, doesn’t mean you’ll make a dime.

If anything, I recommend you at least trade with Tim for 3 months. Take enough time to work through his video library. Watch how he trades and what he’s done to make money. Use his alerts as indicators until you can find your own trading strategy.

If anything, you can get two weeks for free. If you want to keep learning, stick with it. If not, then you can cancel anytime.

What has your trading experience with Tim been like?

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