Tim Sykes Weekly Review 3/23 – 3/28

Gonna try to be really quick with this update. I have plans to go to Starbucks and start reviewing Tim’s videos so I can start providing better content for the site.

This makes two weeks in a row now that Tim’s alerts and trades have been awful. Since making almost $170k in a few short days, his recent plays have not been so lustrous. For the week, Tim finished down $6,460 according to his trades on Profit.ly.

His most profitable trade was on $WATT, which he alerted at $8. Unfortunately, for Tim he exited at $8.49. WATT ended up going all the way up to $11. He missed out on potential $37k in profit if he’d just held on.

However, the highlight of the week, by far, was Tim’s post on the Wolf of Wall Street. In this article, Tim details the methods and manipulative tactics used by Jordan Belfort when he operated a boiler room. If you haven’t read it, it’s certainly worth the read. You’ll have to scroll through all of the marketing hoopla to get to the good stuff at the end. Tim eventually lands on the message that this guy should be investigated further. He still has not paid back all of the people he stole from, and yet is making potentially millions of dollars on his current lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about how boiler rooms work, and how you can actually profit off of them, sign up for Tim’s alerts. Tim doesn’t operate a boiler room, he simply knows how to ride the wave and make money from them.

Off to Starbucks. This site is going to really pop with information.