Where We Are Going and What We Have in Store

Hi All,

Quick update here. Since launching, we’ve been charging full steam ahead. Looking at lots of different options and ideas on how we can make this site highly beneficial to you. Even beyond that, how we can help you make more money.

There’s a few things we’re working on as we develop our site.

1. Reviews of all of Tim’s DVDs.

As you can imagine, this is going to take a while. With a baby due in a week, I will have my hands tied up, but I should get some time freed up to start putting together some more in depth reviews. This will be highly beneficial for anybody looking to buy Tim’s alerts, or just want to know more about the guy.

2. Alternative Strategies for Making Money in the Stock Market

I have a pretty in depth education on options trading, which Tim doesn’t use at all. I’m developing pages that provide a compare and contrast analysis to Tim’s trading style, as well as a few other strategies. This will be highly beneficial for anybody that is unable to day trade like Tim does, to know what other strategies are available for them to use.

3. More Interaction

We want this site to be fun! And a place for people to interact. As we develop things more, we’ll look at add some social media tools, easier site navigation, email updates, and some other fun stuff. I’m tossing the idea of an e-commerce store around as well, with some stuff of my own.

Stay tuned. Great things will continue to come.